Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 (Date: 21st Mar, 2023)

  • New Features / Improvements

    • Major UI enhancements done for the whole application to make it compatible with the Links Explorer Cloud variant.

    • Traceability reports will now automatically use the last used report configuration on browser refresh.

    • Export to CSV format improved for tree views as well as for various tabular views.

      • Now the CSV data contains specific issue card fields configured through Issue Card Fields dropdown.

      • For customizing linked issues in exported CSV for Tabular Traceability reports, table columns data can be configured through Table Fields dropdown.

    • Added Issue Card Fields dropdown to control the information on the Issue Card

    • Added JQL editor to filter out the issues to generate the traceability report.

    • Added priority filter to filter the linked issues based on priority in Unified tree view.

    • Saved Filter Report is now moved into Traceability Reports >> Tree View.

    • Version Report can now be generated via providing the appropriate JQL query.

    • Added pagination in traceability reports to support large number of records.

    • Added a configuration option Auto hide empty columns in traceability reports to auto hide table columns which doesn't contain any information.

    • Added option Display all issue cards to show/hide large number of issue cards in a single cell of traceability report to make it more useful for viewing purposes.

    • Added configurable limit option to fetch the number of records in the traceability reports.

    • Added inward and outward both link types instead of one in the Link type filter.

    • Added Story points information on the issue card.