Migration to Paid-via-Atlassian

This article is related to license/payment-related changes to our RMsis App for Jira after RMsis v3.2.0.

  • Change in the licensing model

    • To provide you with a seamless experience and make it easier for you to consolidate your Atlassian purchases, we have migrated RMsis from Paid via vendor to the Paid-via-Atlassian model. 

    • This will also simplify the trial/purchase/renewal process for you as you will be able to manage it within Jira, just like other Jira add-ons. 

  • How this impacts you

    • After upgrading to RMsis v3.2.0, you can switch to Jira licensing (Paid via Atlassian) by buying and inserting a new license from Atlassian. 

    • However, you can continue using RMsis after the upgrade if you have an active RMsis license with valid RMsis support. You will have to switch to the Paid-via-Atlassian model when the support expires.

      • Ensure that your RMsis support is active by Switching to RMsis Administration > Configuration tab.

      • Now, upgrade to the latest version by clicking on the upgrade button in UPM.

      • Go to RMsis Home. You should be able to access RMsis if you have an active RMsis Support license.

      • Do not enter any license in the Manage Apps Section to continue using your existing license.

    • Additionally, it is important to note that the number of RMsis users must match the number of users in Jira after switching to Jira licensing (Paid via Atlassian). 

    • We understand that our previous pricing of $100 per user may not be reasonable for our customers after the switch, and as such, we are revising our pricing.

    • The updated pricing is available on the RMsis listing page in the Atlassian marketplace

      RMsis App listing
    • After the change, all users in Jira will be able to access RMsis, and you will also be able to manage the RMsis license within Jira.

  • What needs to be done

    • To switch to the Paid-via-Atlassian model, you can upgrade to RMsis v3.2.0. A Paid update option will be available in the Jira UPM.

      UPM Listing for RMsis v3.2.0
    • This will download and install the latest version of RMsis in your instance and you will be shifted from Paid-via-Vendor to the Paid-via-Atlassian model.

    • Once updated, you can buy/generate and insert a license within Jira by clicking on the Buy Now button.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Email: rmsis.support@optimizory.com

RMsis Service Desk: https://optimizory.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/6