RMsis Documentation - 1.8.0

This is the home of RMsis 1.8.x.

RMsis 1.8.x version offers the following key changes (apart from some of the features requested by customers):

  • Improved server side performance for large data. Performance characteristics are available at RMsis 1.8.0 Performance Characteristics.
  • All Hierarchical Tables now have scroll and can support large number of rows (million+).
    • This is achieved by fetching only a subset of data for display (on request) and maintaining buffered pages adjacent to the data fetched.
    • This feature offers an additional advantage that the height of table can be limited to the screen size.
  • Extensively tested for concurrency and identified issues have been fixed in this release.
  • Most of the algorithms now consume much less memory.
  • The memory usage characteristics are being published so that the administrators are aware of the provisions they need to make for RMsis.

The release details of various versions are available at Summary of RMsis Releases