vREST Utility (vutil)

vREST Utility (vutil) is an external NodeJS module provided by vREST team. This utility provides the REST API for the following tasks:

  1. Execute a system command
    1. Provides REST interface to execute a system command. 
    2. This is useful in setting up the test environment. 
    3. You may execute any bash script / system command with the help of this API.
  2. Access Database
    1. Provides REST interfaces for various databases. 
    2. It is useful in validating database state after executing a test case.
  3. Fetch CSV Data
    1. Provides REST interface to access a CSV file (on system) and convert this CSV into JSON and provides JSON response. 
    2. It is useful in doing data driven testing in vREST. 
    3. You may store the test data in external CSV files stored on your system.
  4. Read a system file
    1. Provides REST interface to access any text file. 
    2. It is useful in cases where your test data is already in JSON format stored in files.
  5. Execute Multipart request
    1. Provides REST Interface to execute multipart request.
    2. This API also handles nested multipart requests / responses.