Setup / Install vutil (Linux/Mac)


Setup / Installation:

Step by step guide to install vutil:

  1. Clone / download the vutil repository in the directory of your choice.

    1. If you have installed git, then you may clone the repository with the following command: 

      $ git clone
    2. OR you may download the repository from github.

  2. Now, copy the config.sample.json into config.json. 

    $ cd vutil
    $ cp config.sample.json config.json 

    Note: Whenever there is a change in config.json file, then you need to restart the vutil server.

  3. Now, install the dependencies of the vutil module

    $ npm install
  4. Now, vutil server is ready to start. Simply execute the following command to start the vutil server. You may change the port number with the following command.

    $ PORT=4080 node server.js

That's it. You may access vutil server on http://localhost:4080. You may set this URL as global variable vutilBaseURL which you may use in vREST test cases.