Pact Cloud - Contract Management for Jira


Pact - Contract Management for Jira is in early stage of evolution and we are seeking suggestions and directions from our users. Please provide feedback on our service desk portal.


Pact - Contract Management for Jira helps you organize and manage your contracts as a set of Jira issues. It gives you a holistic view of each contract, which is further disintegrated as Requirements and Negotiations.

Key Features

  • Contract Dashboard

  • Holistic Graphical View

  • Contract Breakdown

  • Saves all data inside your Jira Cloud Site

  • Export graphs



We create an Issue Type inside your Jira project as Contract.


Each contract has multiple Requirements, we designate multiple Issue Types as Requirements.


Each Requirement has multiple Negotiations, all Issue Types linked with Requirements are treated as Negotiations.


There are designated Link Types between Contract and Requirement, and Requirement and Negotiations.

Contract Breakdown

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