Version 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 (Date: 30 May, 2023)

LXP DC/Server v2.1.0-AC includes a major enhancement on multi level issue type hierarchy support. Some more exciting features are down the line. So stay tuned. Contact us with your enterprise needs and you will find your feature requests in the upcoming releases.

  • New Features / Improvements

    • Added multi level issue type hierarchy support.

    • Added entry for traceability reports in the Reports section for easy access.

    • Added refresh button to refresh the traceability report without browser refresh.

    • Added ability to select/de-select all the options, search with in the options of the dropdown.

    • Added filter indicator (*) in the dropdown to visualize if any options are cleared in the dropdown.

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed bug related to order of table columns in the traceability reports.

    • Context path related issue fixed If Jira Server/DC is running on different context path.

    • Fixed bug related to display of child issues of an Epic.