Getting started with RMsis (Data Center)

You can install RMsis on Jira Data Center in a cluster or as a standalone (non-clustered) installation. This guide applies to clustered as well as non-clustered Data Center installations.

You'll want to make sure you follow these steps in order:

1. Get to know RMsis (Data Center)

RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira is an enterprise-class application that helps you to Capture, organize, analyze, and document different types of requirements, establish forward and reverse traceability, manage changes across the development lifecycle, and comply with large and complex contracts effectively.

Additionally, check out How RMsis works with Jira for a high-level overview of RMsis application dependencies and the role each one plays in displaying an integrated view of RMsis and Jira.

2. Plan your RMsis deployment on Jira Data Center

As part of your planning, familiarize yourself with the Jira+RMsis Data Center architecture:

Database considerations

RMsis requires its own independent database. At present, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL servers. A detailed description of database configuration is mentioned here

Reverse proxy changes

RMsis requires some additional entries to be included in the reverse proxy operations. By default, RMsis will be configured with HTTP on port 3060 without any proxy settings. In order to deploy RMsis JIRA DC, you will have to configure and enable Reverse Proxy.

A detailed description for configuring RMsis with JIRA DC using a reverse proxy is available here:

3. Install and configure RMsis on Jira Data Center

RMsis 3.x DC installation is essentially in two parts

  • Install RMsis 3.x DC

    • RMsis plugin can be installed through JIRA Universal Plugin Manager.

  • Configure RMsis 3.x DC

    • After installation of RMsis 3.x DC, the RMsis tab will appear in the Jira menu bar.

    • Login as administrator in JIRA and then click on the RMsis menu to configure RMsis.

Please note that the RMsis 3.x DC server will be deployed on the JIRA DC node from which you are performing the installation. However, it can be accessed from any node after the installation.

Detailed description regarding deploying RMsis on JIRA Data Center is available here

4. Backup and Maintenance of RMsis Data Center

Depending upon the database being used by you, you can use the database backup/restoration tools to safely store/migrate RMsis data.

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