RMsis 2.0 DC Performance on AWS

Configuration used for testing:

JIRA Data Center on two nodes with RDS instance for the database.

  1. Node 1: m4.xlarge machine with Jira DC v8.2.0 + RMsis 2.0-r365
  2. Node 2: m4.xlarge machine wit Jira Dc v8.2.0
  3. RDS Database Node: db.m4.large instance of AWS with PostgreSQL Database.

JIRA & RMsis were running over HTTPS behind the proxy offered by AWS.

A series of graphs is displayed below which displays the behavior in the above-mentioned configuration. The numbers on X-axis denotes the number of concurrent users accessing the RMsis while the Y-axis represents the time in milliseconds requires to complete each operation.

Table Load  Statistics for various tables in RMsis

Release Table Load & Sync 

Operations in Release Table

Operations in Traceability Table

Traceability table load 

Operations in Test Case Table

Operations on Traceability Table

Operations on Requirement Table

Conclusion: It can be noticed that the time to respond increases linearly as the number of concurrent users increases but the increase is linear and is expected for any application.