RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira - Documentation

This is the home of RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira - Latest Release corresponding to RMsis 3.0.x.

From this version onwards, RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira is compatible with JIRA Data Center.

The release details of various versions are available at Summary of RMsis Releases

If you are looking for RMsis Cloud Documentation, please visit this page: https://optimizory.atlassian.net/l/cp/zrUuGcLN


RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira is an enterprise-class application which helps you to capture, organize, analyze and document different types of requirements, establish forward and reverse traceability, manage changes across the development lifecycle and comply with large and complex contracts effectively.

Key features of RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira

  • Capture, organise, analyse & document different types of requirements, create dependencies between requirements.

  • Manage End to end traceability between various entities (like requirements, test-cases, jira issues) using the dedicated Traceability View.

  • Establish and manage baselines to enforce agreements between multiple stakeholders.

  • Ensuring contract compliance in large & complex contracts.

  • Create & manage uniquely identified version of a requirement, store and manage the revision history.

  • Reuse requirements to quickly replicate features across products.

  • Integrated requirements validation functionality.

  • Create custom detailed reports.

  • Integrate with external tools and applications using RMsis APIs.

  • Note: You can buy RMsis license for only those users who will be using RMsis and not for all Jira users.

RMsis - Requirements Management for Jira